Sunday, October 3, 2010

Modeling is more then taking pictures!~Jamaal Singleton


These are the words said by model and my dear friend Jamaal Q. Singleton. A couple of weeks ago I was able to ask a few questions about him and the model world.

ISHOURAI: Hi, Jamaal. Well since we are already acquainted I would like you to tell the people your full name?

JAMAAL: Jamaal Q. Singleton.

ISHOURAI: And you are from Chester right?

JAMAAL: Chester, Pa. A city known for its negative acts but rarely spoken of its positive out looks.

ISHOURAI: That’s the same thing I always say. People are quick to acknowledge us for our bad and not our good. It’s sad. Moving on, what made you choose modeling?

JAMAAL: Honestly, I didn’t choose modeling, it chose me. I look at modeling as my story that I want everyone to read.

 ISHOURAI: Cool, cool. So what are you trying to bring to the modeling world?

JAMAAL: I can’t really say what I’m trying to bring or what I’ve brought to the modeling world,

But I can say how modeling brought me into me.

ISHOURAI: How modeling brought you into you?

JAMAAL: Modeling lets me be whatever I want to be. All the dreams I have I can live them threw pictures. It also gives me confidence.

ISHOURAI: I say the same thing when it comes to me designing. I get so excited when I see a finish sketch and my confidence goes sky high. Don’t you love being a creative human being? *smiles*

JAMAAL: I really do. Modeling let’s me express myself in many different forms.

ISHOURAI: It really does. Speaking of expressing yourself, do you have any other talents?

JAMAAL: Yes. I am talented in other arts. I am an inspiring Choreographer, and I’m naturally gifted in dancing. It’s my drug. I plan one day to dance aside some of the best artist.

ISHOURAI: Maybe you could teach me a few moves. *laughs* That’s great though. So what would you like to bring to the future?

JAMAAL: I want to bring to the future “JAMAAL Q. SINGLETON”. I just want to inspire others to follow their dreams. It can happen if you make it happen, nothing comes to you unless you get lucky. *laughs*

ISHOURAI: You are right about that one. Are there any other quotes or words of inspiration you go by?


ISHOURAI: Triumph and why?

JAMAAL: Well I chose triumph for a simple meaning it’s self. If you look it up it should be a picture of me under it. *laughs*. No, but the word means victorious, ambitious, and leader.

ISHOURAI: Victorious, ambitious and leader, that you are. Not only a model but you are a dancer. You are something special and I wish you nothing but the best in life. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity and your time to interview you.

If you want more info about Jamaal Q. Singleton,
here's some contact information.

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  1. Dats deep love that you have plans and not just for the moment because every ones trying it keep up the good work


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